Lighting professionals and architects seek to enhance human experiences in the spaces they design. When taking colour into consideration, they can amplify the visual and emotional impact of these spaces.

Soraa is redefining the way industry leaders evaluate color and white to make all spaces, objects and people look their best. Evaluating light sources by combining TM-30, CRI, R9 and Rw (white rendering) means Soraa creates a quality of light that is thoughtful and precise.


  • SORAA VIVID, R9 values that reach a maximum value of 100, similar to natural sunlight. Enhance colors and saturation.
  • SORAA NATURAL WHITE, has a whiteness rendering index to highlight white tones and make them brighter.
  • SORAA HEALTHY, a blue-free LED to create lighting environments that promote health and well-being. With ZEROBLUE technology.
  • Snap System is designed to work with snap LEDs. Combine, creating sets of filters and magnetic fixation lenses for different lighting effects.
  • TM-30: A more accurate way to measure color with a more complete and accurate focus compared to CRI.