Adapting light to architectural uses, making it part of the story.

Today’s lighting control systems are very flexible and offer more options than ever before. They can help us control energy, establish specific settings and ambients, not to mention adding dynamism to spaces through light.
Including control in the project from the beginning, allows us to customize the results of the project as much as possible and thus make it more versatile.

Lighting control has multiple applications in a wide range of environments, from hospitality and retail, corporate to public and residential spaces. Its goal is to enhance spaces and products using the perfect configuration of settings to adapt to different times of day, to events, and so on.

It’s a way to blend functionality and aesthetics, personalising and offering innovative experiences. Creating dynamic lighting settings within architectural contexts can help us to create narratives, with all the possibilities that this implies, making projects come alive and evolve over time.

Marcas Difusiona

¿What kind of control projects can we develop and implement?

Broadly, we’re talking about two kinds of scenes, static and dynamic:

Static lighting

Concerning the use of spaces, time control, movement detection.

Dynamic lighting:

Concerning architecture, circadian cycles, storytelling and entertainment.

How are lighting control projects performed? What kinds of technology do we use?

They are done via a combination of HARDWARE + SOFTWARE + LIGHTING ELEMENTS. Hardware (Casambi, eldoLED) – software (MADRIX, Nicolaudie) – Lighting elements (Hera). Furthermore, a series of language protocols are used: DALI, DMX, CASAMBI, KNX

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What steps need to be followed to include control within a lighting project?

At Difusiona we can help you with all these steps. We advise on both the technical aspects and on the development of dynamic lighting content.

Study the lighting project needs bearing in mind uses of the space

Planning and development


Routing and programming


Some programming and control projects we have developed


Four Seasons Madrid

Luxury through the lens of history

Fuerte Victoria Chica

Historic site in Melilla

Canalejas Center

A new international icon of luxury shopping and gastronomy in Madrid