Phos is an evolution of 135 years of technical expertise, forward thinking
creativity and precision engineering that forms our architectural lighting
At the heart of our company is a passion for lighting and its significance in our
world. Light is arguably the most influential force on how we perceive and
connect with the world around us, but we often overlook the impact it has on
us and the spaces we inhabit.
We believe in “The Power of Light” and our ambition is to build a collective
consciousness, and admiration of its benefits to our lives.
Together with design consultants such as Lighting Designers, Architects and
Interior Designers, we aim to challenge our target customers to rethink their
decision making on the importance of their lighting, and the positive impact
products such as ours can make to their homes or businesses.
We place a lot of emphasis on the provenance of our materials. These are the building blocks of our products. Our lighting instruments not only provide the performance necessary for their applications, they uniquely provide a lifestyle choice, distinctively bridging the gap between architectural luminaires and decorative light fittings, with an unbeatable selection of finishes, to fit in with any scheme, in any project.


  • 135 year heritage in designing and manipulating metals.
  • Flawless luxury finishes available on all components.
  • Miniature and modular lighting design pallet that can be configured to enable
    limitless creativity.
  • Building a collective consciousness about the ‘Power of Light’.
  • Design, manufactured and assembled in the UK