Cooledge exploits the full potential of LEDs to fuse light with architecture itself. By supplanting bulbs and fixtures with fully luminous surfaces, we allow the design industry to rethink common spaces as highly customizable and dynamic environments – where illumination is the primary influencer on how we feel, work, shop and interact. Backed by proprietary technologies, award-winning products and thousands of installations, our vision is to give light a new role in the built environment; integral to design, unhindered by staid infrastructure and essential to our experience of space.

Cooledge develops technologies that enable the next step in the evolution of lighting to fully integrated, digitally controlled surfaces that are part of architecture, not added to it.


  • Specialized in immersive illumination through luminous surfaces that integrate light and materials
  • Luminaires with sound absorption properties
  • Tunable white capability
  • Flicker-free dimming
  • Constant voltage electrical architecture