Centro Canalejas Madrid is one of the most transcendental urban interventions in Europe in recent decades. The project includes a luxury Four Seasons hotel, a shopping arcade, and 22 luxury homes.

The project of the restoration of seven historic buildings aims to create a complex with different uses: a luxury hotel operated by the Four Seasons chain with 200 rooms, an exclusive retail area, 22 luxury homes, and a parking garage.

The Lamela studio and Anoche Iluminación have been in charge of carrying out the lighting project for the façade. A lighting proposal that unifies buildings while highlighting the individual and relevant elements of each of them.

Lightgraphix, Lumenpulse, and LED Linear luminaires were used to illuminate the façade.

The lightecture magazine has carried out a complete report on the project. More info

Lighting Project: Anoche Iluminación arquitectónica

Architecture: Estudio Lamela

Photography: Álvaro Valdecantos

Awards: 2020 Darc Awards (London, UK). Category High Budget.