LED industry transformation leaders from an innovative light source.
In 2008, a brilliant team of professors from the worlds of engineering and semiconductors set out to develop extraordinarily efficient lighting. Nobel laureate Dr. Shuji Nakamura, Dr. Steven DenBaars and Dr. James Speck’s pursuit of perfection led to the development of a revolutionarily type of light—a violet LED made from pure gallium nitride substrates.

8 years later, we’ve built a line of lamps and light engines around this innovative light source. Our distinctive products feature an intense single point source LED with full visible spectrum light, Flicker Free™ digital driver, unique heat dissipating heat sink, and point source optics.

  • We manufacture LEDs using a unique GaN-on-GaN (Gallium Nitride on Gallium Nitride) process that provides massive advantages. We grow GaN on GaN to create a perfect crystal structure with 1000x fewer defects and 5x more light per unit area. And GaN-on-GaN enables Soraa LEDs to emit violet light, this advanced technology at the core of our lamps allows for:
    • Render all colors of the spectrum with accuracy.
    • Render the infinite shades of white.
    • The accurate rendering of color requires light to have the right amount of spectral content in every wavelength from 400nm to 700nm.
  • Snap System, an innovative set of magnetic attachment filters and lenses, diferent kind of shape beams and shift colors

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