10 years past since VENUS revolutionized architectural lighting by providing the first flexible IP67 light line to the lighting design and architecture community. After gathering inputs and ideas from the market VENUS True Color carries on all features which made VENUS a worldwide success with new major benefits.

Available in 2 dimensional (2D) or 3 dimensional (3D) twist directions, VENUS True Color provides an absolute freedom of design even in complex organic, metamorphic and biomorphic architectural concepts. Both versions are bendable with a minimal radius of 150 mm and the 3D version is also twistable by 180 °/m.

KEY Facts at a glance:

1. 3D version is bendable in a radius of 150 mm and twistable by 180°/m

2. Backside cable feed for invisible connection

3. LED tape from end to end for seamless light lines



Examples of applications:


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