Difusiona introduces “Plaza”, the new LED projector made by the British company ACDC for outdoor use that improves façade and other outdoor spaces illumination.

What was before resolved with metal halide, now can be solved with LED technology. By incorporating LED technology, this projector achieves not only energy and maintenance costs savings, but also to control the light intensity with precision. Difusiona is the ACDC official distributor in Spain .


Plaza is the name of the new surface mounted uplights with IP66 ACDC LED technology. It has three versions according to size and light output: Plaza 10, Plaza 20 and Plaza 35. The design of the luminaire is thin and simple, and its performance is excellent. It provides light output equivalent to the one of a 20W or 35W metal halide. In addition, the new Plaza 10, manages to deliver the equivalent of a 50W halogen lamp. Among the technical performance of these luminaries is that they include a wide range of optics that allow flexibility in the design of the lighting – integrated dimmer that regulates from 1 to 10V (10 to 100%) and a thermal protection system built into the device controller. In addition, the projector bracket can be locked to increase the angle of approach, and can be tilted up to 180 degrees.

> High quality aluminium cast
> Integral 1-10V dimmable driver
> Light outputs from 1200 to 2250 lm in warm white.
> Range of optics: 10°, 16°, 30°, 64° and elliptical 12° x 40°.
> LED lifetime: 50,000 hours (without maintenance).
> Black, white or any other RAL color finishes.
> A wide range of accessories to meet all the project needs:


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