Three luminaires from the German company LED Linear have already taken part of the history, as they have been recognized with a Red Dot Award, considered the Oscar of the industrial design. They were chosen from more than 4,000 proposals.

Red dot: best of the best, given to the XOOLUMTM  luminaire system, a very versatile piece that consists of two adjustable sections to 45º with hundreds of potential installations. It always keeps its harmonic and sophisticated appearance and that is why it has got such an important award.

Red dot award: product design 2012, given to the VarioLEDTM OCEANOS model, fixed ground recessed luminaire, fully encapsulated and made of stainless steel for both interior and exterior. It also supports the vehicular traffic.

Red dot award: product design 2012 to VarioLEDTM Flex VENUS. It is mostly the amazing light uniformity in combination with its small cross section and flexibility , which makes the VarioLEDTM Flex VENUS a very special and innovative product.

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