Difusiona introduces its latest LED lighting technology, with suitable characteristics for application in retail projects:


- Lower consumption, both directly and in air conditioning
- Excellent light quality and uniformity with the XicatoTM module
- Great colour consistency in the two MacAdam ellipses modules
- High durability, L93 at 50,000 hours
- Zero maintenance costs throughout its lifetime
- Colour rendering up to 98 CRI
- 5 years warranty


A wide variety of upligths and downlights with LED light sources, such as XicatoTM module, which increases their light output to get 3000lm in the round module and 4000lm in the square module . New models, with an excellent design and thermal management that ensures their durability.


The range for the complete retail LED linear luminaire with a fully controlled subbining providing quality and excellent uniformity and their power ranges from 250lm/m up to 3150lm/m. They are perfect for displays, lighting beacons or alcoves. Infinite combinations of aluminium profiles with different diffusers and linear or pointed optical to get the ideal luminaire for specific applications.


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